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New Version Available !

  • Full 3D gameplay
  • Player profile and stats
  • Collect experience and coins while playing
  • Upgrade player when reaching a new level
  • Different difficulty levels
  • Multiple camera views
  • Choice of multiple environments to play in
  • Much more !
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You need Flash Player 9 or later to play this game.
Get the latest Flash player here.
Controls: X Hit    Z Jump    Arrows Move                 Current version : 2.1.1 (2010-06-29)

About the game

This online badminton Flash game is being developed to give badminton players a place to enjoy their favorite hobby anywhere and whenever they want, in a fun and complete experience. It is also a place to compete in an entertaining way against others that share your interests.

The lack of such accessible games to the community is the main motivation factor behind this project.

Come back often to see frequent project updates made available to you here.

> The first version of the game can be played here.

Features list

  • Full 3D gameplay
  • Customizable player's appearance
  • User profile and stats
  • Different difficulty levels
  • Multiple camera views
  • Instant replays
  • Choice of multiple environments
  • Much more!

Your Feedbacks

Feel free to send me your comments or suggestions. Since this project is still in development, any kind of feedback from the community will be greatly considered.